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I won’t lie, if I weren’t so appalled I’d be impressed. Joel: I think what made it more ironic is the same kind of women he was speaking about stereotypically with hair and nails were in the audience, clapping like he was talking about everyone but them.

I not-so-secretly, secretly like when black people do fuckshit and get their money, so I walked in, not so much with Joel’s open mind but kinda sorta ready to root for the nigga if he said just a few things that made some sense. Christine: I was surprised at how normal everybody looked. Every time Umar would say some particularly outlandish shit, I’d look around to see how folks would react! Like shorty…weave was done 30 minutes ago and you spent cash money on your nails, HE IS CLEARLY TALKING ABOUT YOU WITH THE IMPOSSIBLE GHETTO BLACK NAME HE MADE UP TO TALK ABOUT BLACK WOMEN VSB: Did he say anything that made you think “Hmm. Joel: 1) He spoke on the public school to prison pipeline for young black boys.

I thought it would be funny, fun, sad and a true test of my anger management classes. I’d like to say I was under the influence of cotton candy & quaaludes when I attended Umar Johnson’s Dashiki Dynasty Vol.

1 Mixtape Premier Party, but I totally chose this as a personal challenge to myself. *gasp* But I’m black and living in the US so I got schooled real quick on American-grade racism, race relations, racial politics, etc. Does he actually believe the shit that comes out his mouth?

Funding for Kingsland Wildflowers is provided to NYC Audubon by the Office of the New York State Attorney General and the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation through the Greenpoint Community Environmental Fund.

Umar Johnson had an event in Brooklyn, where the Prince of Ghosted Go Fund Me was scheduled to give a talk, sign some books, and share beard maintenance tips.

Untapped Cities’ Michelle Young and Augustin Pasquet have gathered these mysterious locals and legendary spaces into Secret Brooklyn: An Unusual Guide to shed light on these hidden histories.

He spoke in enough cliches and gave enough half true illustrations that you being an intelligent, well read individual could draw reasonable conclusions from. He is like the ADHD kids he claims to believe don’t exist.

If you took him at his actual word, white folks are “engineering” black boys to be gay so that they could “ensure” they get AIDS in ORDER to “infect our sistahs.” Christine: No he didn’t and fuck that guy!! He is the black Donald Trump when it comes to rambling and contradictory statements in the same speech.

In a most unusual spot that overlooks the metallic spheres in a startlingly peaceful contrast, sits the Kingsland Wildflowers natural habitat.

Attendees will be given the rare opportunity to tour the wildflower garden before taking a seat to explore Brooklyn through Michelle and Augustin’s eyes.

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