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You can get it from their site Along with the full blown LIVE CDs like Knoppix and MEPIS there is a collection of mini distirbutions who truly believe that small is beautful. DSL is a very versatile 50MB mini desktop oriented Linux distribution.

Despite its minuscule size it strives to have a functional and easy to use desktop.

However Cent OS conforms fully with the Red Hat's redistribution policy and aims to be 100% binary compatible. Ubuntu Server includes what is needed to provide a service, nothing more.

This lean, efficient architecture sees more services delivered with less computing power and less resources required.

Recently SUSE (now a Novell company) followed Red Hat in making its distribution more community focused.

The open SUSE project is a community program sponsored by Novell (

Because all the applications are small and light it makes a very good choice for older hardware.

If you like Damn Small Linux you can install it on your hard drive.

Much what goes into Fedora makes its way into Red Hat's enterprise Linux products.

Download this widley used distribution for free from the Fedora site. It is easy to use and there is a professional attention to detail.

It has on-the-fly decompression, which means that the CD can have up to 2 GB of executable software installed on it. MEPIS MEPIS Linux is a user-friendly operating system based on Debian Stable that "just works".

It runs from your CD/DVD or USB drive so you can use it on your Windows or Mac machines without installing.

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It is a Knoppix remaster (based on Debian), and tries to include software which most people would use every day on their desktop. Development Release: Zenwalk Linux 5.4 Beta 1 Jean-Philippe Guillemin has announced the availability of the first beta release of Zenwalk Linux 5.4, a Slackware-based desktop distribution: "The first beta of Zenwalk Linux 5.4 is ready for testing.

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