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Keep an eye out for more info over the next few days.

In addition, bypassing construction object Cortium costs will now require certifications, instead of Daybreak Cash.

We will offer time for table reads to workshop member's screenplays, helping the writer work through dialogue and story development.

We will also plan discussions about various writing aspects including, structure, formatting, keeping on schedule, defeating writer's block, character development, and more. All workshops and groups are free and start at pm at NCTV's studio at 158 Main Street!

The group is open to all writing levels, and we encourage anyone to join.

To sign up for a workshop or group, head to our website 10/21 pm Garden Club of Norfolk to Challenge the Floral Designers at Holiday Magic Fundraiser Plan now to start the holiday season by enjoying an enchanting evening on Wednesday, November 8 when the Garden Club of Norfolk presents Holiday Magic at PM at the Freeman-Kennedy School in Norfolk.

With recent advances in technology, armed forces across Auraxis have developed the ability to more easily disrupt and manipulate the wireless communication and control protocols used by each of the Empires to take command of a base or facility.

This has made the traditional methods for taking control of a region unreliable and potentially dangerous.

Our mission is to encourage the joy of individual human expression through the collective experience of dance and movement.

Elysium Spawn Tube: When powered by an adjacent Silo, the Elysium Spawn Tube will provide a spawn point for nearby allies at the cost of a small amount of Cortium for each spawn.

Additionally, it includes a matrixing option, allowing linked players to spawn there from anywhere on the continent.

If the base is contested, or if the vehicle terminals are hacked or destroyed, this option will be disabled.

Only the player’s first vehicle loadout will be used for this method of vehicle spawning.

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